• Hi Second Grade Parents and Students!

    Here we go for the... LAST weeks of remote learning!!! That's right! The last weeks of remote learning (hopefully ever!!!) I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!! Our school year will end on June 5th as per our District's School Board decision to modify our school year.

    I hope all families are well and are ready to complete some more school work! The following is for 2E students in E/LA  (Reading and Spelling) and my Math class for the weeks of May 27-June 1 will be this week and June 2-June 5 will be our 'last week.' All activities/assignments are listed on the weekly 2E Homework/Activity page on this website too. We will not have Think Critically questions, Soc. St., Every Day Counts, or Spelling stories for the last two weeks.  I will include an attachment to our usual assignment e-mail that includes math enrichment activities Mrs. Morgan shared with me. Feel free to use at your discretion throughout the summer months. Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for all you have done to support your child throughout the last two and a half months!! I am grateful for your work and I know your child is too!!!

    Reading:  This week Lesson 29  The Lizard and the Sun   Read silently pgs. 430-431 and 434-460, read robust vocabulary story 432-433,  Grammar Practice Book pgs. 103-106. Skill is contractions.  Robust vocabulary words are: entire, budge, majestic, scampering, peered, and discovery.

    Practice Book  pgs.  230-236, and do not do page 237. Skills include: Long vowel-A made by ea/ey/eigh, make inferences, robust vocab., multiple meanings, and inflections.

    Next week Lesson 30  Cross Country Vacation    (Reader's Theater) Read silently 470-481. Grammar Practice Book pgs. 107-108. Skills: A review of previously introduced skills. Robust vocabulary words are: delay, impressive, historical, upbeat, fantastic, and spare.

    Practice Book: 238, 240, 241, 243, 244, 245, 246, 248, and 249.    Do not do: 239, 242, or 247. Skills:  A review of previously introduced skills.

    Spelling:  This week Unit 33 Contractions  Spelling story: No story!! Just study the word list!!!    Next week Unit 34 Compound Words  No Story either!!

    MATH:  Unit 9  Lengths in Metric Measurements : This week 9.4 Problem Solving: Add/Subtract Lengths pgs. 621-626. 9.5 Hands On: Centimeters/Meters pgs. 627-632.   Next Week: 9.6 Estimate Lengths in Meters pgs. 633-638. 9.7 Hands On Measure and Compare Lengths pgs. 639-644.

    Science: Mrs. Morgan should have a sent an invitation to her Google Classroom site. Please view her website. 

Last Modified on May 25, 2020