• At Home workout for Flexible Instruction Days (FID)

    Choose one of the workouts while you are at home to stay fit!

    Choose a workout to Stay Fit:

     Workouts are Here!


    Choose your grade level workouts below:

    Flexible Instruction Day - Health and Physical Education


     1. Be physically active inside the house or outside (10 min)

    2. Build an obstacle course inside or outside and complete it


    1st Grade:

     1. Complete a posted workout (from your HPE teacher’s website) 

     2. Be physically active inside or outside (10 min)


    2nd Grade:

    1. Record your Green, Yellow, and Red light foods you eat throughout the day

    2. Complete a dance revolution by following the arrows (access YouTube) or be active outside (10 min)


    3rd Grade:

     1. Complete at least 2 posted workouts (from your HPE teacher’s website) 

     2. Create a workout with at least 2 of the 3 fitness components (cardio, muscular fitness, and flexibility 

     3. Be physically active outside (15 min)


    4th Grade:

     1. Create a workout with cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular fitness, and flexibility  and then complete the workout by yourself or with someone 

     2. Be physically active in the snow (if possible) (15 min) or shovel a neighbor’s driveway


    5th Grade:

     1. Record the food groups you consumed today and note what foods were healthy choices 

     2. Be physically active outside (if possible) (15 min) 

    3. Complete 2 workouts from the link above.