• North Allegheny Appoints Assistant Principal at Franklin Elementary School

    At the January 22, 2020, Regular Meeting, the North Allegheny Board of School Directors approved the appointment of Ms. Tommie Murray to the position of Assistant Principal at Franklin Elementary School.

    For the past year and a half, Ms. Murray has served as an Assistant Principal in the Avonworth School District. She currently shares time between the Primary Center (grades K-2) and Elementary School (grades 3-6), collaborating with the building principals and providing assistance and leadership for nearly 1,100 students and 100 staff.

    As the Assistant Principal, Ms. Murray serves as the School Assistance Program Coordinator, PSSA School Assessment Coordinator, Flexible Instructional Days Elementary Campus Coordinator, is a key stakeholder on the Equity and Inclusion Committee, provides Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Leadership between two buildings, conducts formal observations of teachers, serves as the LEA for 504 Service plans, and provides building-level support in conjunction with the Principal to best support continued and future success of staff and students at the Elementary level.

    Prior to her current role, Ms. Murray served as an Elementary Teacher for the Bellwood-Antis School District. In her ten years of teaching experience at Lewis Myers Elementary School, Ms. Murray participated on the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Team, Elementary Student Assistance Program, Professional Development Team, and oversaw the Student Social Justice and Entrepreneur Project; a student-led project that raised $18,000 to build a well in South Sudan.

    During her time with the Bellwood-Antis School District, Ms. Murray also served on the Professional Development School Partnership with Penn State University. This was a collaborative experience arranged to mentor student interns and new District employees. While working with this partnership, Ms. Murray joined the Penn State University Staff as a Methods Professor, teaching coursework within the School of Education.

    Ms. Murray received her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Kindergarten Education from Penn State University, a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, and her K-12 Principal Certification from Regent University in Virginia. Ms. Murray was granted an Honorary Degree Master of Support: Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education for her research focused on Critical Literacy and Social Justice. This research was recently published and now has funding to continue the important equity work piloted by her fourth-grade classroom.

    Ms. Murray’s experience in elementary administration, professional development, instructional leadership, and student services will be an asset to the North Allegheny School District as we continue to focus on supporting all students and staff. We enthusiastically welcome Ms. Murray to North Allegheny as the Assistant Principal of Franklin Elementary School.