• Week of December 16-20, 2019 
    Winter Party - Friday at 2:30
    Best wishes for a wonderful, fun, and memorable Winter Break! 
    Image result for readingELA (English Language Arts)
    Lesson 12: Big Bushy Mustache
    We will identify the difference between fiction and nonfiction stories. We will identify and use plural possessive nouns. We will write a paragraph of information. Students will reread the selection on Wednesday evening. 
    Typical Assessment Schedule:
    Wednesday - High Frequency Word and Focus skill tests
    Thursday - Phonics and Selection tests
    Friday - Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar tests
     Image result for math          Chapter 5: 2 Digit Subtraction 
    We will draw quick pictures and record 2 digit subtraction using the standard algorithm. 
    Social Studies            Communities and Resources
    Students can use Quizlet to practice vocabulary and should review the study guide and magazine to prepare for the test. The test will be on January 9th.
    We will describe ways that people produced and preserved food in the past. We will identify natural resources on a farm. We will discuss farming in the past. 
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