• Week of February 24-28, 2020
    Image result for readingELA (English Language Arts)
    Lesson 19: The Life of George Washington Carver 
    We will use the parts of a book to locate information. We will identify and use reference sources. We will interview a peer and will use the information to write a biography. 
    **Due to Monday's ACT 80 Day, our Assessment Schedule for Lesson 19 will be as follows:
    Selection Test and Phonics Quiz - Friday, 2/21
    Spelling and Vocabulary Tests - Monday, 2/24
    Lesson 20: What's My Job
    We will review skills taught in Lessons 15-19. The Selection test will be on Thursday and the Vocabulary and Spelling tests will be on Friday.
    Typical Assessment Schedule:
    Wednesday - High Frequency Word and Focus skill tests
    Thursday - Phonics and Selection tests
    Friday - Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar tests
     Image result for math          Chapter 7: Money and Time
    We will find the total value of coin collections. We will practice making and counting money amounts. We will solve problems involving money. 
    Social Studies: America's Beginnings
    We will identify and learn about the 13 colonies. We will learn about the American Revolution. 
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