• Student Information System (SIS) Search

    North Allegheny School District is evaluating our Student Information System (SIS) with the potential to introduce a new vendor for the 2023-2024 school year. The District currently works with Tyler SIS; however, the platform will no longer provide SIS services as of June 2023. 

    What is a Student Information System?

    • A comprehensive suite of tools that are used to manage school and student data.
    • What types of data?
      • New Student Registration
      • Student Scheduling/Course Requests
      • Gradebooks/Report Cards/Transcripts
      • Attendance
      • Health Services
      • Discipline
      • State/Federal Reporting

    Timeline of Events

    June 2022

    • The District was notified that all Tyler customers would be moved to a new Tyler product for the 2023-2024 school year.

    Early July 2022

    • North Allegheny and other Tyler schools raised concerns over the conversion/timeline.
    • Tyler scheduled a meeting for July 26 to demonstrate the new product.

    Late July 2022

    • Tyler updated their SIS clients that they will be exiting the student information system business and have partnered with Infinite Campus to support their current customer base.
    • Support for Tyler SIS will end in June of 2023.

    Our Path Forward

    With an expedited timeline, the District explored four options.

    Option 1 – Switch to Infinite Campus

    • Infinite Campus is the vendor that purchased Tyler SIS.

    Option 2 – Switch to Infinite Campus then re-evaluate in three years

    • Create a short-term partnership with Infinite Campus to ensure the platform is able to meet the District’s needs.

    Option 3 – Choose a new SIS vendor

    • Review RFP responses to determine if there is another vendor that better meets the needs of NASD.

    Option 4 – Continue with Tyler unsupported for one year

    • A very risky decision that would allow the District more time to select a vendor.

    Working with key stakeholders, the District decided to move forward with Option 3 - send out Requests for Proposals (RFP) to potential vendors.

    SIS Evaluation Process

    Key stakeholders throughout the District have played an integral role in our expedited search for a new SIS. This includes:

    • District Administration & Staff
    • Assistant Superintendents
    • Principals/Assistant Principals
    • Health Services
    • Counseling Department
    • Technology Services
    • NASD Teachers
    • NASD Board of School Directors
    • NASD Technology Committee
    • NASD Parent Engagement Committees

    RFP Process and Approval

    A request for proposal (RFP) was sent to vendors on October 12, and bid proposals were due on November 3. The District hopes to present a final vendor to the NASD Board of School Directors on November 16 for approval. 

    On November 16, the NASD School Board of Directors approved PowerSchool as the replacement for TylerSIS. The SIS RFP submissions, along with the surveys completed by the SIS search committee, teacher SIS evaluators, and parents/guardians, were shared during the Technology Committee meeting prior to the Board meeting.

    Next Steps

    NASD Tech Services is working on a timeline for integration with PowerSchool and will provide families with ongoing updates throughout the year.