• Dear Parents:


              Welcome to the start of another school year!  I hope your family had a fantastic summer and is ready to begin First Grade.  Our classroom can be found by entering through the main entrance and making a right.  Our doorway is all the way down at the end of the hallway on the left, and we have red around our door.  Our classroom number is 102 and we’ll be section 1A.  I am really excited about this year.  In order for all of us to be better prepared for the year ahead, I wanted to provide you with a little information that may help you through the first weeks of school.



              Please send in two boxes 200 count or larger tissues and a roll of white paper towels.  In addition to those items, they will need one Sterilite 6 Qt./ 5.7 L rectangular box (model number #1851-a plastic shoe box which can be found at Walmart or Target) to use inside of their desks.  Don’t buy the ones with the purple pop up handles because they don’t fit in their desks.  They will also need two 1 inch three ring binders with pockets on the inside front and back.  These need to be the clear view kind so that I may slide pertinent information in the front and back of the binders.  Heavy duty binders work best because they will be utilized every day.  The color of the binder is up to you. 

                Most necessary supplies will be provided.  Children should not bring toys, pencil boxes, pens, pencil sharpeners, or colored pencils.  If desired, your child may bring in extra crayons or markers, (no more than 24 in a box-please!), 1 soap dish (or plastic crayon box) with an attached lid (crayons will go in this-if the crayons don't all fit then they have too many crayons), three spare sharpened pencils, 1 glue stick (the others should be stored at home for future use if you bought a multiple pack), 1 pair of child size Fiskar scissors, 1 black expo marker (thick or thin up to you), an old sock, headphones (not ear buds), stylus, highlighter, Clorox Wipes, or hand sanitizers.                

               Please make sure each item is clearly marked with either your child's name or initials and 1A.  The clear plastic shoe box and three ring binders are the most important items on the list.  The shoe box is the "drawer" where they will keep all of their supplies.  This fits next to their books and will help keep their desk neat.  Since they will have the drawer, they will not need a pencil box or case of any kind.  Please don't send one to school with your child.  For the first day of school, you may pack the drawer with some of their supplies including the lid.  They'll take the lid off at their desk and I’ll keep the lid until the last day of school to tote their supplies home.  Please label the box and lid.  Other supplies may be sent throughout the week.


    Binder (Heavy Duty):             

              Nightly your child will be bringing home their binder.  On the left side of the binder are papers that you need to see and should be Left at Home.  On the right side of the binder are papers that you need to see and are to be completed and sent Right Back to School.  Sometimes it may be something as simple as signing a completed test or possibly a review page of today’s lesson that needs to be completed.  Anything on the right side of the binder should be returned the very next school day in the binder on the Right to School side.  Anything you want me to see should be sent to school in the right side of the binder.  Even if the binder is empty, it still must be sent home and returned to school the next day.  We’re practicing responsibility!  Both sides of the binder are clearly marked with Left at Home and Right to School.  The other binder will be used as a portfolio of their journal writing throughout the school year that stays in school all year long.  



              If your child is buying please send in $2.45 per day.  If they’re packing lunch they can also buy water, juice, or milk for an additional cost.  Please put their lunch money in a school provided lunch envelope with their student number with his or her name and 1A.  You may also choose to have your child participate in the POS lunch program where they have a “bank” of money they draw from daily and won’t need to worry about losing lunch money.  All children purchasing anything from the cafeteria will be required to use their six digit PIN number.  All children are required to memorize their PIN number even if they are paying cash for their purchases.  Please have them practice so they can be sure to get through the lunch line quickly and have adequate time to eat their lunch.  Checks for the POS lunch account can be sent in with your child any day of the week.  The district has implemented an online payment system called "PaySchoolsCentral.com".  More information about this program can be found on the McKnight home page along the left hand side under Quick Links-Lunch Menu.


    Curriculum Night:

             Mark your calendar for Tuesday, September 3, 2019Meet the Teacher/Curriculum Night, from 6:00-8:00p.m.  Parents will have the opportunity to come to our classroom to hear about the first grade curriculum and the activities we will be doing this year.  You will be able to browse through a few of our first grade books and ask any questions you may have.  At this time big supplies like the desk box, binders, paper towels, tissue boxes, and Clorox wipes may be dropped off.  I will ask you to fill out a yellow bus telling me how your child will be getting home the first 2 weeks of school and a few forms with information about your child.  Also, bring your calendar because you will be able to sign up for a conference at the beginning of November.  I hope to see you there!


    **Due to the change for Curriculum Night, please send your child to school with only one binder and the shoe box on the first day of school.  On the following days you can send in the other items a few at a time.  If your child is a car pick up or riding a bus other than what was assigned to your child, you MUST send in a written note.  Please help me get your child to the correct after school destination.  Thank you!**



    Mrs. Pison

Last Modified on August 31, 2019