• First Grade Supply List:
    • 6 sharpened pencils 
    • 2 pink erasers 
    • Highlighters (2 colors)
    • 8 glue sticks
    • 24 pack of crayons*
    • Sharpened colored pencils* 
    • Non-permanent markers* 
    • 4 EXPO dry erase markers 
    • 2 boxes of tissues for classroom 
    • 1 two-pocket folder 
    • Scissors
    • Stylus (The Dollar Store has great ones)- please lable with child's name
    • Earbuds- child size (put name on piece of masking tape and put on cord)  

    *Please empty crayons, markers, glue sticks and colored pencils into separate Ziploc baggies that are labeled with your child's name.

    All other supplies should be OPENED and emptied into labeled Ziploc baggies as well. 

    Please label (even just with initials) everything so things are less likely to be lost (even each crayon, marker, etc.)