• March 6, 2019




    Dear Parents,



    The fourth and fifth grade chorus students are preparing repertoire for a spring concert. 

    The theme for the May concert is “NIGHT JOURNEY.   Students are asked to dress

    “in-theme” for their show.  Singers may dress as their favorite person, animal or object

    found in our songs on the program.  Speak with your child about costuming suggestions.

    They will have many ideas from our classroom discussions.



    Please reserve the following dates on your calendar for after-school chorus functions.



    Fourth Grade Chorus                                        Fifth Grade Chorus


    Rehearsal – Wednesday, May 1                     Rehearsal – Friday,         May 3

    Rehearsal – Monday,      May 6                      Rehearsal – Wednesday, May 8

    Concert    – Friday,         May 10                    Concert    – Friday,         May 10



    All rehearsals are from 3:40 – 5:00 and concerts are at 7:00 (with a 6:30 arrival time).



    Students’ participation in after-school rehearsals is required in order to perform in the

    concerts.  Students with 100% participation in after-school practices and concerts will   

    have the option of attending the annual chorus luncheon.  (More information will

    follow in May!)



    We are excited about our shows and eager to sing for you.  If you have any questions

    or concerns please contact me at 412-366-9665.  I will be happy to speak with you!






                                                                Mrs. Vrana

                                                      Vocal Music Instructor



    Please complete and return this page to Mrs.Vrana by Thursday, March 14, 2019.





    I am aware that my child, _____________________________________, in homeroom


    section __________________  is attending weekly chorus classes and that he/she will have


    after-school rehearsals in order to participate in the concerts. After school, my child may:


    _______  walk home


    _______  ride home with his/her parent


    _______  car pool with _____________________________


    _______  special note __________________________________________









                                                                              Parent/Guardian Signature


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