• Spring Community Connections Seminar

    Wednesday, April 3
    7 p.m. at North Allegheny Intermediate High School
    Presenting Speaker: Dr. Tom Brophy

    Hidden in Plain Sight | 6:15 p.m.

    Walk through a mock teen's room with items that may indicate substance abuse or other risky behavior. Test your skills in identifying drug paraphernalia, signs of drug abuse, and stealth hiding places. This display will be set up in the NAI lobby prior to the presentation. Representatives from the Allegheny Intermediate Unit will be present to answer questions.

    Dr. Tom Brophy

    The Teenage Brain & Drug Use: Forging the Path to Addiction | 7:00 p.m.

    Dr. Brophy's goal is to explain the neuroscience of addiction in a way in which everyone can understand it. Having a grasp on this complex information helps us all understand why experimentation with various drugs can be so dangerous, and why it often escalates rapidly from "I'm just having fun" to the inevitable "this isn't fun anymore and I need help".

    As a physician that is board certified in both fields of emergency medicine and addiction medicine, this progression is something he is very familiar with and encounters on a daily basis. He has educated hundreds of thousands of people on this topic and is a highly respected member of the local medical community.

    Students in grades 8-12 and their families are highly encouraged to attend this event. All 9th and 10th grade students will attend an assembly similar to the Community Connections presentation during the school day on April 3.