• School Counseling Advisory Council

    Welcome to the School Counseling Advisory Council webpage.  The Advisory Council was created to foster relationships with all stakeholders.  Members of the Advisory Council include college admission counselors, business owners, parents with kids in all grade levels, administrators, NA graduates, current and retired faculty members, current students, and NA school counselors.  The School Counseling Department utilizes the Advisory Council to develop yearly goals for the department, discuss issues relevant to our students, and promote positive dialogue between all stakeholders.

    The Advisory Council meets twice per year (fall and spring).  If you desire to learn more or become a member of the School Counseling Advisory Council, then please contact Mr. Bryan Kiggins, School Counseling Department Chair, at 412-369-5464 or bkiggins@northallegheny.org.


    2018-2019 School Counseling Department Goals:

    Academic Goal: 100% of 8th-11th grade students will be able to communicate how their course selection/electives align with their Post-Secondary/Personal Plans.

    Career Goal:  The School Counseling Department will implement the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Career Readiness Index in 3rd-11th grades with the goal of 100% of student involvment.

    Personal/Social Goal:  Elementary School Counselors will support the implementation of two mindfulness lesson into the K-5 classrooms.


    Meeting Updates:

    Last meeting was held on December 5, 2018 at 8:30-10:30am in the NAI Library.  The focus was on the 1819 school year goals and a presentation from Mr. Cornell LeSane, Vice President of Enrollment and Dean of Admissions for Allegheny College.  Mr. LeSane talked to the Advisory Council and a group of NAI students about a student's individual academic pressure and the effect it has on their post-secondary plans.  To view this presentation, please click on the link below.

    School Counseling Advisory Council Guest Speaker-Mr. Cornell LeSane