• Here i have posted a collection of songs that are both popular and easy to play along with! The directions are pretty simple. Find the steady beat of the song as you listen, then at the start of a verse you can jump in by plucking the notes I've posted under the song title. Some of these can be pretty hard so feel free to try them if you want. 

  • Renegades (X ambassadors):

     Dx4 Ax2 Gx2


    Secrets (One Republic):

    Dx4 Ax4 Dx4 Gx4


    Fight Song (Rachel Platten): 


    Gx4 Dx4 Gx4 F#x4


    Gx4 F#x4 Ex4 Dx4 (x2)

    Gx2 F#x2 Gx2 Dx2 GX2


    Love Story (Taylor Swift): 

    Dx8 Ax8 Dx8 Gx8

    Starting at “Marry me Juliet, you'll never have to be alone”

    Ex8 Bx8 Ex8 Ax8


    Pompeii (Bastille):

    verse: Ax4 Bx4 Ax4 Ex4 

    chorus: Ax4 Bx4 C#x4 Dx4




                F#x2 Ex4 Dx2 (4x)


                Bx2 Ax2 Ex2 F#x2

                F#x2 Ex2 Ax2 Bx2 (2x)


    Bridge: Dx2 C#x2 Ax2 Bx2 (2x)