• Kindergarten Curriculum
    Communication Arts: Each child will need to know the letter name (upper and lowercase) and its sound.  Please reinforce these skills at home.  We are taught that letters make sounds, sounds make words, and words make sentences.
    The order in which the alphabet will be taught is:
    m, s, r, a, t, n, p, c, i, d, o, g, f, e, b, k, u, l, h, w, x, v, j, y, z, q.
    We also introduce the sounds of:
    sh, ck, ch, th, ar, ee, all, ing, ink
    The sight words are: I, a, my, the, is, go, was, to, like, he, and, come, here, this, said, me, for, where, do, of, play, you, look, one, see, what, two, up, down, friend, we, want, out, who, any, are, they, she, good, there, give, little, that, have

    Math: Students will recognize, count, and write the numbers 0-31.  We also learn about shapes, patterns, addition and subtraction to 10, and rote counting to 100. 

    Science: Students will learn about colors, the food groups, and the five senses.

    Social Studies: Students will learn about the holidays, famous people, and their school community.

    Health: Students will learn about drug awareness, creating a bully-free school environment, and the food groups.