• On this page you will find links to several different websites and videos that will help you with practicing and technique! 

    1. http://violinmasterclass.com/en/masterclasses/stance-violin-position

    Here is a fantastic web site that goes into great detail on bow holds, left and right had techniques.   Check it out if you have time.  You can sign in under free registration or enter as a guest.  Every time you come back to this web site you can log in and view the information for free.  

    2. https://www.celloonline.com/cellobasics.htm

    This website provides tons of information about cello technique and history! It is a great source for pictures of how your hands, body, and instrument should look.


    3. https://dictionary.onmusic.org/

    This website is an online music dictionary. if you every hear me say a term in class or you curios about something you read in your music you can look it up here!