• Yellow Card System
    When a student breaks a classroom rule, he or she will be issued a yellow card as a caution.  If the student earns a second yellow card during the day, he or she will be required to write a letter home to the parent(s)/guardian(s) explaining the two infractions.  The student will draft this letter during the following day's recess.  Once the letter is written and approved, the student will join recess.  This letter will come home, and we encourage the parent(s)/ guardian(s) to discuss and address the misbehavior in an effort to avoid future letters and ultimately correct the behavior.  Students are to acquire a parent/guardian signature on the sent letter home and are to return the signed letter the following school day.  The signed letter is the student's ticket to recess.  Therefore, the student will miss recess until the signed letter returns.
    On occasion, it is possible for a student to earn an automatic letter depending upon the severity of the infraction.