• About Study Island:

    • Students can access the program by simply logging on to www.studyisland.com, where they will find each topic organized with a lesson, assessment questions, and explanations. In order to complete the program, students must take the pretest, complete the content groups, and master the post test.
    • Students build confidence in their understanding of the Assessment Anchors.
    • Study Island is completely Web-based. Students can access Study Island and learn at their own pace. There is no software to download or install; all you need is an Internet connection.
    • Not only are there several thousand questions in the Study Island program, but each question constantly changes. The answers to the multiple-choice questions rotate positions, and the numbers in the math questions are chosen randomly, resulting in a deeper understanding of the concepts, as opposed to memorization of the answers.


    How to Access Study Island:


      1. Open Google Chrome
      2. In the Address bar, type www.studyisland.com
      3. Click Login in the top right corner.
      4. Click Login under Study Island for Schools.
      5. Username: na and student ID (lunch code) (EXAMPLE: na123456) Password: tigers1
      6. Click on PA Programs and select 5th Grade
      7. Select a Subject: click on Math (PA Core) or ELA (PA Core)
      8. Check to be sure a "check" is selected and click Start Studying (top right hand corner)
      9. Choose Practice Mode or Game Mode
      10. Choose the number of questions from the drop down box
      11. Click Next
      12. Enjoy!