• Birthdays are very special days for children and we will always celebrate them here at school.  This year, we are asking that families please do not send in any food.  If you and your child feel the need to bring in a small gift to pass out to the other kindergarteners, there are 22 students in our classroom (AM and PM).  Summer birthdays will be celebrated towards the end of our school year


    Also, I will happily "slip" birthday invitations, from your kindergartener, into the take-home folders if all of the boysall of the girls, or all of the students are invited.  I realize this complicates party plans, however, it is very important to consider all of the students in our classroom.  I also understand that inviting the entire group can be expensive, but we need to adhere to this policy.  Addresses will eventually be available in our P.F.A. directories.

Last Modified on August 15, 2018