• Kindergarten News

    Four days went by in the blink of an eye!  We continued to work on routines and procedures this week in addition to academics.  If your child has “fallen apart” at home, please know they’re using a lot of energy to keep it all together at school. 😊  Each day we get a little better at routines.

    A few reminders…

    *Your child’s purple folder should come to school every day.  Please check the contents each day. 

    *Please label your child’s water bottle or drink.

    *There are still a few Student Medication Authorization forms out there.  Please return as soon as possible.

    *Code of Conduct parent sign-off sheets also need to be completed and returned.  If you need another copy, please let me know.

    *We are working hard on our rules in class, if you could discuss and reinforce at home it is much appreciated.  J

    *Book orders are due by 9/16.  Our class code is TJF7F.

    *Dismissal – please pull as close as possible to the car in front of you.  Your child needs to get in on the passenger side.  Work on having your child buckle themselves; it will get easier and faster with continued practice.  Thanks for the support!

    Our week in review…

    ELA – Our focus this week was Back to School.  Students drew pictures of themselves and practiced writing their names.  We read many stories about school and kindergarten.  Students were introduced to centers this week. Want to know more about our week? Ask your child about some of the books we read or what we found on our school scavenger hunt. 

    Social Studies – We read, David Goes to School and students were introduced to our class rules and behavior system (stop light).  We’ve been working hard at practicing many of the routines and procedures of classroom, call backs and learning friends’ names.  Want to know more about our week?  Ask your child to give you an example of a call back (clapping, holy mole…).

    FYI…Our class rules

    1. Looking eyes
    2. Listening ears
    3. Quiet voices
    4. Helping Hands
    5. Walking feet
    6. Loving hearts


    A look ahead to next week…

    ELA – Our letter will be Mm and our sight word will be I.  Homework will begin next week.  It will be sent home on Tuesday (normally Monday) and is due by Friday (can be turned in before if complete).

    Math – We’ll begin with chapter 9 - shapes

    Science – We’ll begin with our color unit on Tuesday.  If possible, have your child wear the color of the day and bring in a SMALL (non-returnable) item of the color.

    Tuesday, 9/3 – Red/Pink Day

    Wednesday, 9/4 – Blue Day

    Thursday, 9/5 – Yellow Day

    Friday, 9/6 – Green Day           

    Monday, 9/9 – Purple Day

    Tuesday, 9/10 – Orange Day

    Wednesday, 9/11 – Brown/Tan Day

    Thursday, 9/12 – Black Day

    Friday, 9/13 – White Day