• Chapter 1:  Represent, Count, and Write Numbers 0-5

    Chapter 2:  Compare Numbers to 5

    Chapter 3:  Represent, Count, and Write numbers 6-9

    Chapter 4:  Represent and Compare Numbers to 10

    Chapter 5:  Addition

    Chapter 6:  Numbers 10-30

    Chapter 7:  Represent, Count, and Write 11-19

    Chapter 8:  Represent, Count, and Write 20 and Beyond

    Chapter 9:  Identify and Describe 2-Dimensional Shapes

    Chapter 10: Identify and Describe 3-Dimensional Shapes

    Chapter 11: Measurement

    Chapter 12: Classify and Sort Data


    Students will typically complete an assessment for each chapter.  We have moved chapter 9 toward the beginning of the school year.  Because our Math resources are designed for a full-day program, our students will receive instruction on each lesson, but will not complete all the workbook pages for each lesson.  Many times, using manipulatives, counters, and exploration through inquiry-based activities are other methods (other than or in additin to workbook practice) that we will utilize to practice Math concepts.  Math workbooks are sent home a couple of days prior to our Math test for your optional home practice and use.  Once they come home, these workbooks are yours to keep.