• What are some of the major areas involved in reading instruction?

    *Phonemic Awareness (being able to identify and manipulate the smallest units of sound)

    *Phonological Awareness (the awareness of sound structure in spoken words)

    *Print Concept (punctuation, sentence structure, grammar, etc)

    *Sight Word Recognition (words that we know by looking at them, rather than decoding them)

    *Word Building and Direct Instruction

    *Guided and Independent Reading Opportunities (done in small and large group settings)


    Harcourt - Storytown (Ten Themes)

    Theme One:  All About Me

    Theme Two:  Families

    Theme Three:  Friends at School

    Theme Four:  On the Farm

    Theme Five:  Whatever the Weather

    Theme Six:  Let's Play

    Theme Seven:  In the Neighborhood

    Theme Eight: Jobs People Do

    Theme Nine:  Animals All Around

    Theme Ten:  On the Go


    Letter Sequence

    Mm           Ss              Rr               Aa             Tt               Nn              Pp             Cc           Ii

    Dd            Oo             Gg              Ff               Ee              Bb              Kk             Uu           Ll

    Hh            Ww            Xx              Vv              Jj               Yy               Zz             Qq


    Students need to recognize and write upper and lowercase letters and identify the sounds that they make.


    Sight Word Sequence

    I            a            my            the            go             was            to

    like        he          and            come        here           this             said

    me        for         where          do            of               you            look

    one       see        what            two          up              down          friend

    we        want       out             who          any            are              they

    she       good       there          give          little           that             have


    Students need to recognize and write each sight word.