NHS Advisors:
    Dana Oliver
     Room 253
    Nate Tengowski
    Room 314

    NHS Leadership Team:
    Will Cinker
    Julia Moose
    Vice President  jmoose@nastudents.org
    Emerson Schoedel
    Secretary eschoedel3@nastudents.org
    Eshani Chauk
    Treasurer echauk@nastudents.org
     Coco DelVecchio
    Technical Chair  ndelvecchio@nastudents.org
     Kendall Barber  NHS Service Chair kbarber@nastudents.org
     Hannah Wang  Outside Service Chair hwang3@nastudents.org
     Reese Marsalis  Publicity/Social Media Chair rmarsalis@nastudents.org
    Morgan Pople  NASH Chair mpople@nastudents.org
    All NHS Member information can be found on the NHS Blackboard site. 
Last Modified on September 26, 2019