• Honors English 3        

    Summer Reading List and Assignment for 2018-2019

    Mrs. Walters and Ms. Yakich

    If you plan on taking Honors English in your junior year, a summer reading/assignment is required for the start of the school year. Please choose any two books* from the list below.

    *Acquiring copies of the books is the responsibility of the student.

    Book List:

    Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close            Jonathan Safron Foer

    1984                                                         George Orwell

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest                 Ken Kesey

    The Lord of the Flies                                    William Golding

    Huckleberry Finn                                         Mark Twain

    Into the Wild                                              Jon Krakauer

    The Kite Runner                                          Khaled Hosseini

    The Help                                                    Kathryn Stockett

    Anthem                                                      Ayn Rand

    The House on Mango Street                         Sandra Cisneros

    Journal Assignment: On Monday 8/27/18 (3rd day of school), a journal assignment must be submitted on Google Drive:

    YOUR ASSIGNMENT is to create a small collage using Google Docs to represent the novels that you read (both of them in one journal). Your collage must meet the following requirements:

    • Title of books & names of authors (prominently displayed)
    • Five words from each of the books (10 total) that were new to you, or that you found interesting and their definitions with the page number from the novel.
    • Ten sentences using the words you chose from above  
    • 7 images representing different scenes from the novels. Title each image, and then provide a paragraph as to how these images represent the scene from the novel.
    • Provide 1 quote from the novel with each individual image.

    In-Class Essay:

    You will complete a timed, in-class essay during the second week of school based on literary devices used by the author of your selected novels.*

    * In anticipation of the required essay, review the writing rubric for expository writing:

    Keystone Expository Scoring Guidelines


    Questions: Mrs. Christine Walters   cwalters@northallegheny.org

                    Ms. Kristin Yakich  kyakich@northallegheny.org

    *A copy of this can be accessed on Mrs.Walters’ website through the NASH homepage.

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