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    Apple Distinguished Schools

    To be considered as an Apple Distinguished School, schools must demonstrate themselves as centers of innovation, ​and display excellence in educational leadership. Teacher develop instructional activities which provide students with the opportunities to use Apple ​products to inspire creativity, collaboration, and critical ​ thinking. These schools showcase innovative uses of technology in learning, teaching, and in the school environment.

    In 2017, all three of North Allegheny's Middle Schools earned the Apple Distinguished School designation.


    ADS Logo Carson Middle School

    Carson Middle School believes that learning must be relevant, collaborative, personalized, and connected. Learning with iPad enables students to connect content to the world around them. Students use iMovie to support community outreach projects, coding, and robotics. With FaceTime, students communicate with peers, teachers, and community members. Classrooms now extend beyond the four walls — they’re flexible environments with hallways and stairwells used as movie studios for capturing green screen footage.

    Data from February 2017 shows evidence of adoption of the 4Cs of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. An onsite Technology Integrator works with staff as a coach to help navigate the technology-rich environment. Data from spring of 2017 indicates that the time teachers spend in technology-related professional development has more than doubled from three years ago.

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    ADS Logo Ingomar Middle School

    Ingomar Middle School is a vibrant school community nestled in the Township of Franklin Park. Learning for students at the school is relevant, personalized, collaborative, and connected, and their one-to-one iPad program makes it possible for students to connect academic content to the world around them.

    Research papers, posters, and dioramas of the past have been replaced with iMovie, Keynote presentations, and digital travel brochures. Students use iMovie to document erosion in local neighborhoods and iPad to code the movement of robots and record their acceleration. Using FaceTime, students communicate with peers, teachers, and community members on projects that apply their knowledge and demonstrate higher levels of understanding.

    Teaching with iPad has challenged teachers to rethink the configuration of their classrooms to better support learning. Students engage in the learning process in the hallways, in foyers, in the auditorium, and outside, as well as being digitally connected to community members. With a variety of tools and seamless access to technology, teachers and students pursue teachable moments wherever and whenever they occur.

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    ADS Logo Marshall Middle School

    Marshall Middle School’s motto, “Where ’I’ Make a Difference,“ embodies the mission and beliefs of the school community. Students, staff, and parents know that each person has a responsibility to contribute to making the school a place where everyone is able to learn and grow. The school works to provide a quality education to students in grades 6–8 with an emphasis on innovation and technology. They recognize the importance of preparing all students for success in a changing world.

    The school began a one-to-one iPad initiative in 2015, with all students having 24/7 access to their device. The use of technology isn’t an event but rather threaded into their practices and seamlessly used to customize learning opportunities for students. The school works to elevate students’ thinking through collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking in all they do. Apple technology gives them a vehicle to provide those experiences to students.

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    Professional Recognizations


    CETL Certified Technology Leader


    Over four years ago, using the Framework body of knowledge, CoSN launched the Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL)™ program. More than 300 education technology leaders, from large and small school systems nationwide, have passed this rigorous program and earned their certification.

    Certification provides a foundation for superintendents and district leaders to use as a benchmark in developing job descriptions, hiring and/or promotion decisions, and creating personalized, professional development plans. It also boosts the confidence and commitment of those who achieve the designation. A re-certification requirement of at least 60 continuing education activity points every three years helps to ensure education technology leaders stay abreast of trends.

    Mr. Platts, the Director of Technology and Innovation for North Allegheny School District, is one of only thirteen CETL certified Education Technology Leaders in Pennsylvania.

    CoSN Certified Educational Technology Leader

    • Richard Platts, CETL
    CoSN CETL Logo


    Keystone Technology Innovators

    The Keystone Technology Innovators Program identifies and supports exemplary educators through a distinct and dynamic learning community. These educators are recognized leaders who have demonstrated their ability to embrace effective integration of educational technology.

    The designation of a Keystone Technology Innovator identifies these educators as the best educational innovators in Pennsylvania. North Allegheny is proud to have 13 Keystone Technology Innovators on staff, 10 of which have been attended the small, but prestigious cadre, of Keystone STARS.

    Keystone Technology STARSKeystone Technology Innovator Logo

    • Matt Heckmann
    • Tony Gentile
    • Sara Groves
    • Laura Pacini
    • Chuck Samek
    • Dave Schmidt
    • Marc Thornton
    • Bob Tozier
    • Tom Ward
    • Kristin Zaccari

    Keystone Technology Innovators

    • Jordan Cotten
    • Michael Dissen
    • Christie Franck
    • Caitlin Lamagna
    • Dana Oliver
    • Amanda Prosdocimo
    • Marta Vollmer


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