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    focus logo   2017-2018 (Year 3) by the Numbers
    Recommendation #1: Create an equitable technology environment for all students and teachers.
    • Seventeen (17) carts of 30 Windows laptops were re-purposed from former NASH students to Middle Schools and Elementary Schools
    • Interactive Display Installations
      • North Allegheny Intermediate (NAI) High School
      • Elementary and Middle School Special Areas (e.g. Art, Music, Family and Consumer Science, Tech Ed, etc.) classrooms
      • More than 145 flat interactive displays installed.
    • All Technology Education labs (220 devices) were upgraded with HP Z240 Desktop workstations with 23-inch monitors to support the curriculum.
    Recommendation #2: Adopt a 1:1 environment in Grades 1-12, supplemented with specialty computer labs and shared mobile devices as necessary.
    • 689 Dell Latitude 3480 laptops distributed to High School students  (grade 9)
    • 695 iPad Gen 5 distributed to Middle School students (grade 6)
    • 668 iPad Gen 5 distributed to Elementary students (grade 5)
    • 624 iPad Gen 5 distributed to Elementary students (grade 4)
    • 143 iPad Gen 5 distributed to Elementaryl teachers

    Recommendation #3:
    Expand staffing appropriately to support success.

    • One (1) Help Desk Technician to support Apple Technology
    • One (1) permanent contract Technology Integrator