Connecting a Student iPad to Wi-Fi  

    Below are instructions on connecting to a wireless network outside of the North Allegheny School District. These instructions must be followed for each network you wish to join.


    1. Open your iPad and go into  ios settings icon gray gear image  Settings.


    2. Locate WiFi on the left hand side and select the network you wish to connect to.

      ios wifi dashboard to choose wireless network

    3. If your network has a password, you will need to enter the password and wait for your iPad to connect.
    4. Once connected go out of settings and open up the Safari ios safari icon app.


    5. Type in a website you wish to go to (e.g. www.google.com or www.northallegheny.org).


    6. You will be prompted to login with Securly (shown below), choose to login with Google. 

               securly student login splash page


    7. Students will need to use their email address (e.g. John Cash would be jcash@nastudents.org). Students MUST use @nastudents.org. If they do not type this, the login defaults to @gmail.com, and the process will not work.


    8. At this point, you will be prompted with the TigerID Screen. Please have students use their TigerID and password (students received this information in school and have been using their TigerID all year).


    9. Once you are taken to the actual website you are now connected and can browse the internet.

      **You must repeat the process for each wireless network connection.**