Connecting a Student Laptop to Wi-Fi  

    In effort to continue protecting our students when are using District laptops, the North Allegheny School District has enhanced our District Proxy Internet Filter on the FOCUS 2020 iPads. The District Proxy Internet Filter, filters laptop Internet traffic when students are using their laptop outside of the District. The District Proxy Internet Filter enforces the same settings and restrictions to student laptops when they are used within the District, at home, or in any other location.

    1. Connect to a wireless network.  Click on the WiFi icon in the lower right-hand corner of the computer screen. 

    Click HERE if you need more detailed instructions to connect to WiFi.


     windows 10 wifi icon on taskbar



    2. Use the Mobile Login icon to access the District’s Proxy Internet Filter.

     mobile login icon
    3. The Mobile Login screen, shown below, will appear. Log in to the mobile filter using the same credentials used to log in to your laptop. Click on Login when you have finished. You should now be able to access the Internet.
    NA Mobile Login Splash Sreen