• Essential Elements Interactive

    The Essential Elements Interactive website is a helpful practice resource for your child.  There is a digital copy of the book to read and listen to examples.  Your student can also play along with those examples and record his or her own versions to hear how they sound.  The website has a lot of great features that will help your child learn how to play their instrument in an exciting and interactive way!
    Every student and parent will need to create an account in order to access the online material.  It is completely free and does not require downloading any software whatsoever.   Essential Elements Interactive is entirely web-based so everything takes place in your web browser.  The website works well on tablets and phones too!  
    When you first go to the website please take the tour to familiarize yourself with how it works. 
    How to create a student account:
    Click on the Students icon.
    Click on Activate Your Account.
    Enter your school code: MES
    Enter your student's ID number: Found on the Essential Elements Interactive handout 
    Create your username and password.
    Check the box: I have my own personal copy of Essential Elements 2000 for my instrument.
    Check the box: I have an older book without an Activation Code.
    Depending on how old the book is, it will have and ISBN-13 number or an ISBN-10 number.  You can find it in the barcode box on the bottom left corner on the back of the book with the letters ISBN in front of it.  If there are 10 digits, it is an ISBN-10, if there are 12 digits, it is an ISBN-13. Enter the ISBN on the back of your book and click continue.