• Level B Homework (First Grade)


    Monday - 4/6 -Go to Google Classroom on your iPad - Watch the Unit 4 story video -- Ruby in Her Own Time. Then, answer the unit 3 "talk about it questions". (see picture) *(use the sentence frames - type/write your answer on Google Classroom OR write your answers on another sheet of paper, take a picture of it on your iPad, attach it to Google Classroom & turn in the assignment) 


    • Click on the Brainpop Jr. link (https://jr.brainpop.com/science/animals/frogs/)
    • Watch the “Frogs” video- listen carefully (especially from minute 3:38-4:15)! Click on “easy quiz” and try to answer the questions
    • On another paper, write 3 sentences telling about the beginning, middle, and end of a frog’s life cycle (eggàtadpoleàadult)


    Tuesday - 4/7 - Do math & science work today! (Read on Epic or work on your Headsprout placement test for Ms. Tutino if you like)


    Wednesday - 4/8 - Spring Break - During the break, please go to Epic and read, read articles from www.readworks.org and/or do Headsprout activities if you like! 


    Thursday - 4/9 - Spring Break


    Friday -  4/10 - Spring Break

    **Work for anytime this week: Go to Ms. Tutino’s Epic class & read the assigned story, Spring is Fun! – be sure to complete the quiz at the end of the story! Also, go to readworks.org & join our class (code = WQE4JN ) – Read an article a day from the assigned set (Wild Animals) & try to add at least 1 sentence about what you learned each day to the “book of knowledge” on Epic.

    P.S. – Try downloading the Headsprout app on your iPad – this should not freeze on an iPad the way www.headsprout.com has been!

          **Please always check your child's ESL homework sheet (in his/her ESL folder) for any additions/changes!