• Below you will find a link this week's spelling and vocabulary lists.  Some important things to note can be found at the bottom of this page.   


    Spelling pretest, vocabulary, and skills will come home in hard copy form.  Below you can find them in digital form:






    Theme 1











    Theme 2










    Theme 3








    Theme 4








    Theme 5






    Theme 6






    Vocabulary Power Points for review:

     Theme 1: School Days    

    Theme 2: Together We Can 

     Theme 3: As We Grow  

     Theme 4: Tales To Tell   

     Theme 5: A Place For All  

     Theme 6: Discoveries 


     Spelling Tests:

       Pretests will come home with either the Basic list circled or Basic and Challenge.  However, if children on the Basic list want to also try the Challenge words, they won't be counted if they miss enough to bring their entire test down by a letter grade.  Parents are always welcome to override the placement of the kids on any given spelling test.

       Spelling tests, unfortunately, will not always fall on Fridays.  I will update the assignment notebook page to communicate the dates of the tests.



       These definitions are on here for parents who may want to go over them with their children.  My intention is not to have children study and memorize the definitions.  We will use the words in writing and reading for the entire lesson week, always in context.  If you feel that it would benefit your child to look these definitions over, please do so.  Please note, however, that their test will not ask definitions, but will test their knowledge of these words in context.