• 2017 NASH Cabaret

    Featuring students from the NASH choral program


    What is it?

    An evening of music where students will perform solos or very small group numbers. This is an opportunity to perform solo repertoire. We will be collecting donations to raise money for Disney. This will lower the cost of the trip as a whole, not go into the accounts of students that are performing. Students who perform in the Cabaret simply have the opportunity to represent the group as a whole. We will also need to organize refreshments (coffee, tea, desserts, etc.) for the event. Hopefully, we can put together wide variety of performance styles that will have piano accompaniment, guitar, drums, bass, strings, etc. We may recruit instrumentalists for the performance, but all singers need to be in the choral program at NASH. NAI students in Chamber Choir can participate because they are in a NASH ensemble.

     Audition sign up sheet - please sign up for an open time

    Audition info sheet - fill out and bring to your audition

    Do I have to audition?

    No, but if you like singing solo repertoire of any kind, please do!


    Auditions will be held on Saturday 9/16 – google doc sign up list coming soon. Plan for late morning/early afternoon.


    What should I sing for auditions?

    Any style is great, as long as it is school appropriate and functional within a cabaret setting. I would love the end product to have as wide a breadth of repertoire as possible. Sing golden age musical theatre, pop, jazz, rock, classical, etc. – if it works, we can figure out putting the band together. You may audition in groups, but I can’t promise I will keep a whole group together singing the same repertoire. Please bring sheet music if it is intended to be played with accompaniment – I will have someone to sightread your selection. You are also encouraged to bring your guitar, accompany yourself on piano, etc. if that is within the style of your audition piece. No singing along with recordings or karaoke tracks. Your selection must be memorized. I would plan for at least a verse and chorus of your tune or around 90 seconds. You are welcome to put up to 3 songs on your audition sheet of varying styles and I may ask to hear a little of each instead of just one. Not expected, just an option for those of you who sing a variety of styles.


    Repertoire for the Cabaret?

    I will make final assignments for the pieces we will perform when I do the casting. I would love to have it “y’all come”, but we simply don’t have time for more than 12-15 solo numbers. And if we had many group numbers to fill it out, then it wouldn’t be all that different from adding a choir concert. If you bring something to the auditions that really works, we might keep it, but I can’t make promises. Who gets in and they perform will all depend on who walks in the door and what they sing.


    When is it?

    Friday, October 28 at 7pm. We will rehearse on Monday afternoons form 3-6 plus a dress rehearsal on Friday, 10/27. You may not be called to every single rehearsal for the full time, but you must block off the time. Additional rehearsals may be scheduled at the director’s discretion to fit your schedule.


    Please get involved and let me know if you have other talents that would lend themselves to fundraising at the Cabaret! For example, if you bake awesome cupcakes and want to donate them, we’d love that! If you want to decorate the stage, fantastic! The possibilities are endless and it only helps lower the cost of our trip for everyone going to Disney.

    Looking forward to seeing what you bring to the table!

    Mr. Schmiech