• Strength Area Modules (SAMs) - IMS GOAL

    Click here to download the Strength Area Module (SAM) Menu: SAM Menu for 2019-20

    The IMS GOAL department and faculty will continue offering enrichment opportunities to students enrolled in the gifted support program.  The main focus of this Strength Area Module structure is to allow greater individualization of the gifted education plan based on each student’s identified areas of strength and academic interest. 

    The GOAL “menu” of strength area modules is aligned closely to the regular education curriculum.  The six Strength Area Modules (SAMs) are: Mathematics, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Problem Solving & Technology, and Academic Creativity.  Within each SAM, a menu of enrichment activities will be offered for students to work on during different times of the school year.

    The GOAL faculty will communicate with the student to assess their strengths and areas of intense interest, and gather parent and teacher input about the curricular strength areas.  Based on this information, plus current grades, assessments and achievements, the GOAL teacher will recommend activities for the student’s enrichment.

    The students will work with their GOAL teacher to plan out which activities they will devote GOAL class time to, and will also work with the teacher to actively monitor their progress on whichever activities they are working on.  Students should prioritize their enrichment activities to work on their identified strength areas first, and then move on to exploring other SAMs.  Students should also strongly consider participating in the recommended I.O. activities that align with their SAMs, but are welcome to sign up for I.O. activities in other areas as time and space allow.

Last Modified on June 5, 2019