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    Structures created by architects and engineers surround us!

    This year the GOAL students in third grade will become better acquainted with their “built environment”. Architectural concepts including design, materials, structures, interiors, and exteriors will be studied. Students will “build” their knowledge with lessons concerning the history of architecture, notable architects, and famous structures throughout the world. The students will have ample opportunities to create original designs and enhance their skills in the four strands of critical thinking, problem-solving, creative processing, and communication skills. A field trip in late April/May will round out the unit.

    Architecture Announcements and News:
     *Parents: If you have architectural experiences or background, please reach out to Mr. Voland!  I would love to have you share resources, present information, and/or help with an activity in class.  We will be covering the following topics (subject to change and not limited to these): Design, Scale, Structures, Frank Lloyd Wright, Duck Architecture, Tessellations, Building Challenges, and more!
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Last Modified on August 19, 2019