• mystery GOAL: What Mystery Lies Ahead

    Move over Sherlock Holmes….Marshall GOAL detectives are on the case! The mystery theme is one that crosses into all curricular areas. We will be studying famous mystery writers, mystery plays, and solving cases throughout literature. Science will be a big focus of our unit as students engage in activities related to forensic science, including fingerprinting, chromatography, and many other scientific skills. Deductive and logical thinking will be a major emphasis of our unit.  Deductive reasoning puzzles, games, and group activities will provide students the opportunity to put on their detective hats and try to solve cases utilizing their reasoning skills. We will look at mysteries in history and also utilize mathematical knowledge. The students will have a detective pad to write down all their important clues, vocabulary, and concepts in one concise notebook. The students will work within a detective agency and have ample opportunities to enhance their skills in the four strands of critical thinking, problem solving, creative processing, communication skills as well as leadership opportunities. Guest speakers, a field trip, and a possible all-day mystery event enhance the remainder of our unit. Parent support and assistance will be most appreciated this year and in supplying materials for various projects.  We will send home written requests with your child as needed.

    The Individualized Option (I.O.) gives students a variety of opportunities to pursue particular interests, focus on individual strengths, or try new areas of potential development. The students will be able to choose between learning centers, novel projects, and/or an independent study. Your child will maintain a weekly I.O. log of accomplished activities along with a brief evaluation of their daily progress.  After earning three credits (the activity determines a number of credits), the students will earn an intermission and can play any of the strategy games available (one-two sessions only). This log is available for your review at any time; just send us an e-mail that you would like to review your child's I.O. folder. 


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Last Modified on August 19, 2019