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    Families have the option to enroll the student device at one2onerisk.com.


    The District asks that all families either accept or decline the insurance option.

    • The insurance premium will be $35 per student, per year with specified deductible(s).
    • Insurance coverage is effective for the school-year, and it also includes the summer. This insurance program starts each year at the beginning of the school year and ends at the conclusion of the summer break. Fees are not discounted or refunded for partial year enrollment.
    • If parents/guardian(s) choose to decline insurance, they will be held financially responsible for all uninsured damage, service, or replacement of the device.
    • Parents/guardian(s) may not substitute homeowners or other personal insurance for District-procured device insurance.
    • The District will waive the insurance premium for families who participate in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program.

    To Accept Insurance (www.one2onerisk.com)

    The device insurance premium ($35) and/or deductible payment(s) must be paid directly to the insurance company.  

    ·         Families are highly encouraged to purchase the insurance via credit card. Electronic payments are secure and accepted online for convenience.

    ·         If you desire to pay by check or cash, you must purchase an “insurance cash card” at your school during the enrollment period. Checks are the preferred method of payment for this option. All checks should be made payable to the North Allegheny School District and include the student's ID number (example: 123456) in the memo field of the check to ensure that your payment is correctly recorded. Your school will provide you with an “insurance cash card” with a pre-paid code that will need to be entered onto the insurance company’s website. 

    • If you have more than one student receiving a device and choose to pay by check, please send a separate check with each student. 

    To Decline Insurance (www.one2onerisk.com)

    ·         Should a family choose to decline insurance, they must electronically select “I Elect Not to Participate” after enrolling the device on the website. .

    Insurance & Coverage Terms
    All repairs and claims are managed by the North Allegheny Information Technology Department.

    $ 35 per school year

    $25 First Occurrence
    $50 Any Subsequent Occurrence(s)

    What is covered?
    All physical components of the device
    Theft of device WITH a police report

    What is NOT covered?
    Loss of device
    Loss of carrying case/protective sleeve
    Reasonable wear and tear (Examples may include: scratches, dents, worn keys, etc.)
    Damage as a result of reckless abuse or willful conduct

    Process for Service or Repair of Device:
    All students should electronically complete a Student Help Desk Ticket prior to taking his/her device to the NAI Help Desk Office.
    A loaner device may be issued during services or repairs.

    Deductible Terms


    Covered by Insurance


    Without Insurance
    Estimated Cost

    Device Repairs


    $25 First Occurrence

    $50 Any Subsequent Occurrence(s)

    Actual cost of specified repair

    Total loss of device:
    Lost device
    Intentional damage or negligence



    Full Replacement Cost
    $850 - laptop
    $580 - iPad

    Lost or damaged peripheral
    (Power Adapter or Battery)


    First Occurrence Only


    Subsequent Occurrence(s) not covered

    Cable $40
    Battery $130

    Lightning Cable $20
    Power Adapter $20
    Protective Case $50

    Stolen Device*
    (Police Report Required)


    First Occurrence Only


    Subsequent Occurrence(s) not covered

    Full Replacement Cost
    $850 - laptop
    $580 - iPad

    *If your device is stolen, you should file a police report through your local police department. This report (including the incident #) must be submitted to the NAI Administration along with the appropriate deductible paid to www.one2onerisk.com for replacement. If a second claim for a stolen device occurs, the full replacement cost will be assessed.

    1:1 Device Enrollment Process