• North Allegheny has adopted the Scott-Foresman program.

      A Big Book will drive our lessons and will inspire our investigations.
      The following units will be the focus of first grade studies:

      jungle sci  Unit A – Life Science (living/non-living, habitats, survival)

      rain sci  Unit B – Earth Science (weather)

      sound  Unit C - Physical Science (matter, sound, energy)

      sun sci  Unit D – Space & Technology (day/night, science in our world)

      The units are presented and explored using sequenced, inquiry-based lessons:
      Directed Inquiry (Explore)
      Guided Inquiry (Investigate)
      Full Inquiry ( Experiment)

      Some examples of explorations for the year follow.  First Grade activities will include the use of discussions when making predictions and when drawing conclusions. The children and I will use various materials and literature selections to develop plausible investigations and to extend our understandings of concepts in these areas :

      • Environmental awareness (April - Earth Day)
      • Cloud formations
      • Wind
      • Plants
      • Animal Life (Research Writing)