• The graduation requirements for North Allegheny High School are detailed in Board Policy #217.  The Board requires that each candidate for graduation shall have earned twenty-four (24) credits.  All other requirements are contained in required and elective courses.  For a listing of all coursework available to students please access our Program of Studies

    In order to be eligible for graduation, a student must demonstrate mastery of the Pennsylvania Academic Standards on the state-required Keystone Exams.  If a student does not reach at least the “Proficient” level on a Keystone re-test in a particular subject, he or she must demonstrate mastery through another method in order to meet the graduation requirement.  If a student’s Performance Level is “Basic,” the student will be provided one of the following forms of remediation:  Students who score in the top half of the basic range, as noted by the scaled score, will be provided an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP).  The student may also elect to voluntarily enroll in the appropriate Practicum course.  Students who score in the bottom half of the basic range, as noted by the scaled score, will be required to enroll in the appropriate practicum course during the next scheduling window.  If the student’s Performance Level is “Below Basic,” the student is required to enroll in the semester practicum course during the school day in the following school year for supplemental instruction.  Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) can participate in the re-test option and participate in other supplemental instruction, as determined by the IEP Team.