• Important information on the Class of 2018 Commencement Ceremony

    In planning and preparing for the Class of 2018 Commencement Ceremony, we at North Allegheny Senior High are attempting in every way to make this a memorable and special event for you and your graduate. Commencement is the culminating activity for one phase of the educational process and the beginning for future endeavors. The purpose of this letter is to review the procedures for the practice and the Class of 2018 Commencement ceremony at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, June 15, 2018 at Newman Stadium. Graduates should be in the Baierl Center no later than 5:30 p.m. to prepare for the processional. In the event of rain, we will try first for 10:00 a.m., then 2:00 p.m. and finally 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 16. Graduates should report one hour before the designated time on the rain date. Guests may begin to arrive after 4:00 p.m. on the evening of graduation. Due to safety precautions, no one will be permitted to enter the stadium prior to 4:00 p.m. to reserve seating for commencement.

    Updates regarding commencement will be on KDKA-AM Radio (1020), the NASD website and on Twitter.

    NO tickets are required to attend Graduation. All are welcome.

    Handicapped Seating will be available on the track in front of the stands. Because of limited space, please limit this seating for handicapped guests. There is plenty of seating in the stadium bleachers for family members. We don’t reserve seats, just come and take a seat.

    Handicapped Parking is very limited but cars can be driven into the stadium to drop off handicapped guests. Again, we do not reserve parking spots; first come, first served.

    The North Allegheny School District maintains a smoke free environment. Smoking and vaping is strictly prohibited in all buildings and on all grounds.

    All students are expected to attend the Commencement Ceremony; however, if a student chooses not to participate and has the approval of his or her parents, the student may be excused from graduation. These exceptions require written permission from the parents to the Principal. This allows us to remove the student from our lineup and to pull the diploma from the line. In this case, we ask that the diploma be picked up in the senior high school office NO LATER THAN the week following Graduation.

    Final exams have been scheduled for June 6-8. Caps and gowns will be sold and distributed to all graduating seniors on June 11 at the Baierl Center. Checks are preferred and should be made payable to “NASH” in the amount of $20. Students will be assigned a time between 8:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. In addition, laptop computers will be collected, as well as any additional debts at this time. Debts include lost books, cafeteria debt, outstanding detentions, etc. All laptops will be inspected for physical damage. Any insured laptop that is returned damaged, beyond normal wear-and-tear, will be subject to the deductible charge of $25. All fees will be due June 11. There is no need to return the laptop sleeve. To avoid any last minute laptop issues, or if you have any questions about damage, have your student stop at the NASH Help Desk prior to May 18 for a pre-inspection or repair. Additionally, the last day loaner laptops will be issued to seniors will be May 18. Any loaner laptops that were issued before May 18, must be returned to the Help Desk no later than June 5.

    There will be one Commencement practice session. The session is scheduled for Wednesday, June 13 at 8:00 a.m. at the Baierl Center. Students are required to attend the practice session so that they become completely familiar with the procedures and conduct expectations. If a senior is employed at that time, please notify the employer so that the work schedule can be revised. The students’ promptness at rehearsal will determine its length. Plan for approximately two to three hours for the rehearsal.

    In addition, we are requesting your cooperation in not approaching the Commencement platform for the purpose of taking pictures. Please take all photographs from your place in the audience. A professional photographer will be present at the ceremony to take individual color pictures of all seniors receiving their diploma. A proof will be sent to you by Madia Photography in July and you may order directly from them. Packages begin at $20.

    Proper dress for Commencement is North Allegheny’s black cap and gown for each student. Boys must wear socks and dress shoes, dress trousers, a white shirt and tie. Coats will not be required under the robes. Girls must wear a blouse and skirt or dress and dress shoes. The following items are examples of inappropriate dress for the ceremony: bare feet, tennis shoes, stiletto type heels, shorts, and jeans. Students will be required to return home for proper dress in the event they report for the ceremony in unacceptable attire.

    Seniors are reminded that all colleges require a complete and final transcript to verify their high school graduation. Please complete the 2018 Graduation Survey found on your Family Connection homepage on Naviance. As you complete the survey, you will be asked to check a box next to your final college choice. School counselors will then send final transcripts electronically via Naviance. All seniors must complete this survey by June 11, 2018.

    Access to immunization records will remain available on the Tyler Parent Portal until June 25. Parents are encouraged to print a hard copy of your child’s immunization record on or before June 25. Your child’s immunization record is an important lifetime document and should be placed with other important documents.

    In all instances, we solicit parental cooperation in order to help make this day a positive and memorable occasion for you and your senior.


    John W. Kreider, Ed.D.

    Angela L. McEwen
    Assistant Principal

    William E. McGahee
    Assistant Principal