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    Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) Recommendations

    In the spring of 2015 TAC made the following recommendations to the North Allegheny School Board Directors:

    1. Create an equitable technology environment for all students and teachers.
    2. Adopt a 1:1 environment in Grades 1-12, supplemented with specialty computer labs and shared mobile devices as necessary.
    3. Expand staffing appropriately to support success.
    These recommendations have been the guiding principles of FOCUS 2020.  Overall, the plan is to provide more resources in the classrooms and to create more opportunities for students to learn. Our teachers will continue to lead instruction; however, the District is updating and changing the tools available. Students and teachers are actively learning together. The technology allows learning to become personalized, and it encourages collaboration and creation along with thinking abstractly, reasoning, solving problems, and discerning relationships.
    A goal of FOCUS 2020 is to expand opportunities for North Allegheny teachers and students so that they experience rich, deep, engaging, and meaningful learning experiences. When asked about the use of the new technologies associated with FOCUS 2020, a NASH science teacher shared her thoughts about the use of iPads and Nearpod in her classroom:
    Never before have I had such a powerful way of giving students immediate feedback. The software allows the students to collaborate and become the creators of their own learning in a fun way, the nature of which of which I had yet to experience in my 15 years of teaching. Since we are all connected via the iPads and the projector, they can draw pictures, submit them, then as a class we review each person’s work. This has been accomplished with a high level of civility and respect. They learn so much by seeing what each student contributes, including mistakes made or something useful another student adds. It has increased their sense of ownership in their work, their engagement during class, and is a fast track to correcting mistakes and improving understanding.
    Throughout the school year many different instruments (e.g. surveys, classroom observations, focus groups with teacher and students, classroom walkthroughs, usage data logs) have been used to collect data to assess and evaluate the progress of FOCUS 2020. This data will continue to be regularly analyzed to monitor the effectiveness of implementation and progress toward the goals of this exciting initiative.
    The following areas have been examined to assess the effectiveness of FOCUS 2020: