• North Allegheny School District
    Music Interim Curriculum Review Report
    April 2017
    North Allegheny Board of School Directors
    KEVIN MAHLER - President
    SCOTT E. RUSSELL - Vice President
    North Allegheny School District
    Music Interim Curriculum Review Report 
    Prepared by:
    Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment, and Professional Development
    Music Department Chairperson
    Assistant Principal, Marshall Elementary School
    Assistant Principal, Ingomar Middle School
    North Allegheny School District
    Music Interim Curriculum Review Report
    April 2017
    Interim Curriculum Review Team
    Patricia Bauer
    Lauren Donato
    Megan Froehlich
    Linda Granite
    Sarah Lavelle
    Todd Stefan
    Robert Tozier
    David Woten
    Interim Curriculum Management Team
    Dr. Tammy A. Andreyko, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment, and Professional Development
    Robert Tozier, Music Department Chairperson
    Rachel Fields, Assistant Principal Marshall Elementary School
    John Morey, Assistant Principal Ingomar Middle School

    Music Interim Curriculum Review Report


    Since the conclusion of the 2010 Curriculum Review, the Music Department has achieved substantial successes in the following areas: the development and revision of a unit-based curriculum, analysis of best practices data and research, creation of common assessments at all grade levels, and the implementation of new courses.


    As part of the Interim Review Process, the MICRT recognized the need to reflect and make decisions related to former Recommendations that still need to be implemented. Based upon changes to best practices and state mandates, new Recommendations were identified for review and research.


    The following is a summary of the new Recommendations identified during the Music Interim Curriculum Review process:


    1.     Philosophy

    • Amend the North Allegheny School District Music Department Philosophy to include updated language reflecting Pennsylvania Academic Standards for the Arts and Humanities, 21st Century skills, and significant changes in cognition and learning.

    2.     Curriculum Development (K-12)


    • Strengthen alignment and sequencing between the Department’s unit-based curriculum and the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for the Arts and Humanities.
    •  Explore scheduling options for elementary pull-out instrumental music classes and middle school Activity Period performing ensembles.
    • Address the presentation of music offerings across strands throughout the District, so that the fifth grade students and their parents can make informed decisions about scheduling.



    3.     Music Technology


    • Integrate cutting edge technology into the ensemble and general music settings.
    • Establish an ongoing music technology integration team that explores the implementation of the FOCUS 2020 technology initiative within the Music Curriculum.
    • Purchase and install Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4, and MainStage 3 (music and video production software) in North Allegheny Intermediate, Senior High School MAC lab, and music technology teacher laptops (Appendix C).
    •  Purchase digital graphics pen peripheral for use in the North Allegheny High School Multimedia Arts classes to support the established curriculum (Appendix C).



    4.     New Music Department Offerings


    • Explore the viability of offering a new course, Multimedia Arts II, running concurrently with Multimedia Arts.
    • Consider offering Music Theory III as an honors level course to acknowledge work students are currently doing.
    • Consider adding Honors credit to the NAI Chamber Orchestra and the NAI Wind Ensemble.
    • Provide a summer performing experience for instrumental music, for students with at least one year of playing experience (Appendix H).
    • Explore an extra-curricular experience for middle school students in musical theater (Appendix G).



    5.     College in High School


    • Consider creating a partnership with local universities to develop a College in High School program.  This would allow students to complete a high school course and earn college credits simultaneously.  



    6.     Professional Development


    • Provide professional development for staff to explore and experience Emile Jaques-Dalcroze methodologies and approach with a certified instructor.
    • Provide professional development opportunities for staff relating to Adapted Music classes offered to students within the Life Skills Support and Autistic Support programs.
    • Provide professional development in the use of software applications (examples may include, but are not limited to: MuseScore, ExplainEverything, BookCreator, and GarageBand).



    Summary of Review Report


    This Interim Review affords the Music Department time to reflect upon the work that has been accomplished since the comprehensive Curriculum Review.  Our Interim Review helped the Department refocus on: philosophy, development of curriculum, music technology, new Music Department offerings, and college credit for high school students.  As society shifts, the Department looks forward to the opportunity to shape students more into thoughtful, caring, and creative producers and consumers of music.