•  Are you looking to improve your child's reading fluency?  Here are some fun ways that have been proven to increase your child's fluency.

    First: please know that fluency is NOT just how quickly your child reads.  However, fluency has various subsections to it! 
     1. Automaticity- The child knows the word on the page and does not have to decode each time he/ she sees the word.
    2. Prosody- Being able to read with expression, phrasing, intonation, etc.
    How do we help?
    1. Model fluent reading for your child.  Use expression and explain why you are reading the book the way that you are.  Explain dramatic pauses, give characters voices, talk about why your voice goes up and down, etc.
    2. Repeated reading is huge!  Have your child read the story numerous times until they can read with automaticity and prosody.
    3. Use closed captions on your TV.  This allows them to associate the words that they are seeing with what they are hearing. 
    4. Assisted reading- sit with your child and read the words together.  Have your child "nudge" you when they want you to stop reading and do it themselves.  Jump back in when you see they are having some trouble.
    5. Most importantly... don't give up!  Keep working on this!!!!