• There are two ways for your child to raise and donate money for Jump Rope for Heart: setting up a webpage for people to donate online, or bringing in their envelopes with all of the money they raised.

    Online Donations: This is the simplest and easiest way to raise money for Jump Rope for Heart. Students, along with their parents, will go onto www.heart.org/jump to set up a webpage. If you raised money online last year, the process is even easier! Follow along with the directions in order to find our school, create a login and password, set up your profile, and then make it active. Once the webpage is set up, students can share their webpage URL with family members or on social media (if permitted by their parents). Anyone who views the webpage and wishes to donate will do so with a credit card. Students can watch as the amount they raised continues to grow, while the Physical Education teachers receive daily updates about how much each student has raised online. At the conclusion of the event, an order will be placed for all of the “Thank You” prizes the students earned. 

    Envelope Donations: The Jump Rope for Heart donation envelopes will be distributed sometime soon during all Physical Education classes. Students can raise money from family members or neighbors (if permitted by their parents), record the necessary information on the envelope, seal it, and bring it back into school. From there, the Physical Education teachers will collect the envelopes, submit the donations to the American Heart Association, and place an order for all “Thank You” prizes that the students earned. We ask that you not send cash or loose change in with your children as this often gets lost and makes it more time consuming for us to process. We encourage that a check be written for all cash and made out to:  "American Heart Association".

    Important Reminder: We strongly encourage students to do their donations on line. Here is why:


    1. It is easier to collect donations from family members that may not live close by.

    2. There is no need to worry about incorrect checks and loss of money.

    3. It is easier for Mr. Seneca and The American Heart Assoc. to track orders.

    4. Students can earn thank you gifts that are not available through envelope and cash donations.

    5. Thank you gifts are processed and sent to the school much quicker, meaning less wait time for the students.


    With the introduction of the online donation process in years past, we have experienced a large number of incorrect or incomplete donation envelopes and duplicate/redundant donations between a child's envelope and their online webpage. Streamlining the donation process starting this year will help to alleviate a majority of these issues, and make it as easy as possible for all parties involved.

    If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding this year's Jump Rope for Heart event or the donation process for next year, please feel free to email me at pseneca@northallegheny.org


Last Modified on February 8, 2017