• I would like to thank you for your support of our JRFH event. Once again, the American Heart Association is awarding students with various zoo animals on a lanyard. I know that many of the younger students in particular are extremely excited about receiving them. I  do not want this excitement to disrupt your classroom. So we are suggesting the following:


    1. If a student brings a coupon for one of their animals, or their donations you may send them to the office and we will get them.

    2.  If they have PE that day, they can bring them with them to the gym.

    3. Please make sure that they have their name on the coupon or envelope. We always manage to have a few envelopes with no name and cash inside. It is very hard to track.

    4. I also know when students earn their thank you gifts if they make online donations. We are tracking those and distributing their animals as they earn them.


    I  do not want you to send students to the gym or looking for us. I am not always there and students are doing a school search for us instead of being in their classroom. Finally, we (their teachers) are not responsible for these items. If they set them down and lose them or break them from rough handling, we are not able to replace them.


    Thanks for your help and support,



    There are  signs and posted up around the building announcing the date for Jump rope For Heart. We have 3 weeks to the actual Jump. Teachers are encouraged to come and participate in the JRFH. The students love to have staff participating.

    It has been shown that online donations are the best way to raise money for the event the directions are on the handout from JRFH that can be picked up in the gym starting February 6th. I will hand them out to classes beginning next week. Our goal is to reach $4500.00. We raised $4138.00 last year. Thanks for all of your help we look forward to our Jump Rope For Heart Event on Monday February 27th.

    Monies will be collected on that day and I will give students and additional week to turn their money. The final date for money turn in is Monday March 6th so we can order the thank you gifts ina timely fashion



Last Modified on February 2, 2017