iPad Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

    Safari cannot open the page Error: You are unable to connect to the internet. “There was a problem establishing a secure tunnel through the web proxy server.” Select the WiFi Outside NA icon and log in using your NASD username and password.
    Safari Error Screen

    Do not see the Mobile Login Screen: You are unable to login the web proxy server or load the login page. Please check your WiFi connection. At first glance, you should see the WiFi status antenna in the upper left hand corner. Next, check your wireless settings and ensure you have a valid IP address. If you have a 169.254.x.x IP address, then there may be something wrong with the network in which you are trying to connect. You can also try restarting your iPad. If you have a 192.x.x.x address, try closing all applications and restarting your iPad.
    No Mobile Login Error

    Blocked by the NA Web Filter:
    You have been blocked by the NASD web filter. Please verify the URL you are trying to reach was accurately typed. If you feel you have reached this page in error or would like to request the URL be unblocked, please contact your school administration office. Please notate the category for the block message and the exact URL being blocked.
    iboss block message


    Connectivity with public Wi-Fi but not home Wi-Fi: Your internet works on public networks, such as coffee shops, but does not work at home. Please contact your local network service provider to assist you with troubleshooting individual network problems. NASD can assist with iPad related settings issues but does not have the ability to provide full service network support for individuals.

    Continued Problems?  
    If you continue to experience iPad problems, please bring your iPad to the Computer Lab Manager at school to assist in further diagnosing or repairing the iPad.