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    focus logo    Connecting the District iPad to Wi-Fi  
    In the effort to continue protecting our students when are using District iPads, the North Allegheny School District has enhanced our District Proxy Internet Filter on the FOCUS 2020 iPads. The District Proxy Internet Filter, filters iPad Internet traffic when students are using their iPads outside of the District. The District Proxy Internet Filter enforces the same settings and restrictions to student iPads when they are used within the District, at home, or in any other location.
    As of August 2018 there are a few changes in the process students need to follow to ensure they have uninterrupted Internet access outside of the District.  
    1.  Tap on the Settings app to connect begin the process of connecting to a wireless network. 
     Setting app
    2.  Tap "Wi-Fi" to select the wireless network and chose the network to connect. This may prompt you for a password if the network is password protected.  
     Select network name
    3. Open Safari and in the browser type www.google.com or any website you wish to visit.
    Safari                   Type Google in Safari Browser
    4.  The "Securly" website will now appear on the screen.  Tap "Login with Google"  to access the Internet when outside of school.  
    5.  Sign in with your child's North Allegheny Google Account  (TigerID@nastudents.org), then click next.
    Sign in with NA Google
    6.  You will be redirected to the TigerID login portal.  Enter your child's TigerID and password.
    (Note:  TigerID does not contain @nastudents.org  EX:  pstudent is a TigerID, where as pstudents@nastudents.org is your child's Google Account Login.)
    TigerID Login           TigerID Password  
     7.  You will be redirected to the website you entered in step 3.  
    If you cannot log into the TigerID portal with your correct credentials or experience a result that is different than above, you can contact the Technology Service Department at servicedesk@northallegheny.org or at 412-369-5849. 
    Please be aware that Technology Services cannot troubleshoot issues with your home wireless network.