• As we learn of test prep options in our community during the remote learning time, we will put them here:

    Free Live Proctored Practice Tests with Goldstein Test Prep:

    Every Saturday from 11AM-2:30PM and Sunday from 1PM-4:30PM, our friends at Goldstein Test Prep will be running free, live-proctored SAT and ACT practice tests. Students receive hard copies of practice tests and log into a virtual classroom using the Zoom platform. A proctor will administer tests, oversee timing and scoring, and answer any questions students may have. All NA students are welcome to try a free SAT and ACT practice test, and previous Goldstein Test Prep students are welcome to join for an unlimited number of tests. All tests are scored immediately upon completion.


    Please contact program founder Mike Goldstein with any questions at mike.goldstein@goldsteintestprep.com or 412-874-7645. You can learn more about Goldstein Test Prep at their website, www.goldsteintestprep.com. They work with over 60 NA students each year and offer In-Person Courses at several locations in the city and North Hills as well as Live Online Courses via Zoom. Students who have previously attended a group course are welcome to sit in on courses again at no additional charge to review. They also offer Individual Tutoring.


    Study Point Free Online Practice Tests:

    Hi Everyone - for any of you who will be taking the ACT, SAT or PSAT this fall we've just been made aware of an opportunity for students to take a free virtual practice test for one of these exams.

    StudyPoint, a company that has been tutoring local students for years, is offering the practice test events for free, and since they're doing so virtually, you can take the practice test from your home. Anyone who participates will also receive a free score analysis that breaks down how you did by section, question type, and content area so you can get a sense for where you might want to do some review prior to the real thing.

    They run multiple practice tests each week. If you're interested you can view available dates and register for a test at https://site.studypoint.com/virtual-practice-tests.


    Please click here for some ACT/SAT preparation options in the community.