• Requesting a Mid-Year Transcript: 

    Many colleges require mid-year transcripts.  Your mid-year transcript will have semester grades for all of your senior year courses, as well as an updated cumulative QPA.   You can request these the same way as you initially requested your transcript.

    1.       Log into Naviance.

    2.       Click on "Colleges I’m Applying To."

    3.       Click “Request Transcripts.”

    4.       Click the box “Send mid-year transcript” under each school that requires one. 

    **Do NOT click the boxes to include unofficial SAT/ACT scores, as we do not have updated access to these.

    Counselors can begin to upload mid-year transcripts the day after 2nd 9 week report cards are issued and no sooner.  Even if your colleges are asking for mid-year transcripts earlier than that, they all know the date varies among high schools all over the country. We cannot send these any earlier.