• Requesting a Transcript for Scholarship Applications, Summer Programs, or Athletic Coaches:

    Fill out and return the Transcript Release Form into NASH counseling office (found on NASH School Counseling website).

    Go to the Colleges tab in your Family Connection by Naviance account.

    Click on the “Transcripts” link on the left side of the screen.

    Click on the second link titled, “Request transcripts for scholarships or athletics.” 

    Complete the information under Transcript 1.  

    Choose Reason under the drop down menu (scholarship, athletic, other, etc).

    Type in the due date of the request (please request at least 10 school days before your deadline).

    If the transcript is to be mailed, type in the address.

    • For transcripts that need to be mailed for scholarships, please make sure the transcript is permitted to be mailed separate from your application.  If it must be mailed with your scholarship application, you will need to note that in the “Other Notes” section by typing “Transcript and application must be mailed together.”  You will then need to bring your completed scholarship application in a stamped addressed envelope into the counseling office at least 10 school days before the deadline for us to add the transcript and mail all materials together. 

    If the transcript is to be e-mailed, type the email address in the “Other Notes” section and also add the instruction that it needs to be emailed. 

    At the bottom of the page click “Add Transcript Requests.”

    Repeat these steps for additional requests from coaches or scholarships.