• If you would like to access Kindergarten online textbook resources for either English/Language Arts or Math please click on the following link and use your username and password as detailed below:   https://www.northallegheny.org/Page/25849
    For additional information on the Go Math! curriculum and the mathematics philosophy behind it, please click on the following link:
     Your child's username is "na and student id number" and the password is your child's id number.  For example,  Username:  na123456 and Password: 123456.  If you need the login information, please contact me! These resources are available to you to practice things that we are learning in class.  Please remember, both curricula are designed for full day kindergarten programs. As a half day program North Allegheny does not follow the curriculum in the same order and sequence. Some of the activities and skills are limited in each chapter due to time restraints of our half day program.