• Recorder


    In the coming weeks, students at Franklin Elementary will begin using soprano recorders as part of the general music curriculum.  For third grade students, this is their first introduction to a beginning instrument, and it is a very exciting time for them!  In addition to the musical skills we study via the recorder, the recorder also helps to teach responsibility and encourages positive work ethic. 

    The recorder is not a toy, and is an instrument of significant importance in music history (especially in the early Renaissance).  The soprano recorder that they receive in third grade is expected to serve them throughout the rest of their time in general music classes at Franklin Elementary.  The cost of your child’s soprano recorder is $6.00. Your child should bring a $6.00 check made out to Franklin Elementary School in a sealed envelope marked with his/her name and the order form found below. This envelope should be returned by September 28, 2018 to Mrs. Hoffmann.  Each recorder will be distributed in a blue case with a plastic “halo” device with a string attached so that the recorder may be hung around the neck while in class or practicing at home. In addition your child’s recorder will be labeled with his or her name to avoid confusion.
    If your child is new to Franklin, or has misplaced or damaged their recorder and is in need of a replacement for their fourth or fifth grade year, you may also complete the recorder order form (see below) and return it to Mrs. Hoffmann with a $6.00 check made payable to Franklin Elementary.  


    Third grade students will be using their iPads frequently in music class and are expected to have both iPad and recorder for every class. They are instructed to place their recorders and other materials back in their backpacks following each home practice session, so that their materials will be in school for use in all music classes. Your assistance in enforcing this procedure will be greatly appreciated. Forgetting the recorder will increase the potential for students to fall behind and negatively affect their learning. I will communicate with you if habitual “forgetting” occurs.  


    Students have been instructed on rules for handling the instrument, as well as where they may play it.  Recorders should never be shared without being disinfected.  Recorders are never to be played on the school bus, in the hallways or other areas of the school. They are asked to practice at home and at a time and place to be convenient for you. Please encourage practice and help your child understand that this homework is as important as their other assignments.


    I am excited to begin this new phase of your child's music education and am confident they will find it to be a rewarding experience!  Please feel free to contact Mrs. Hoffmann via email if you have further questions regarding any of the above. Thank you for your cooperation and support of your child’s musical education.


    Soprano Recorder Order Form