3rd  Grade           Reading                                          Math       



    Study Island due Friday

    Rocket Math- for applicable friends

    #5-6 on pg 33 for applicable friend.  (See assignment book, will have written down- most people finished)


     Wear black and gold tomorrow.  Study Island due on Friday!


     None  Study island due Friday 


     Decorate fish

    -must be colorful and must have your name 

     Study island due Friday 

    test next week 

    rocket math


     None  Extra Credit due on Monday.  Please see Class Dojo for extra information (On the story pictures).
















     Homework Policy 

    • Homework is expected to be turned in the day that it is due. 
    • When homework is turned in on time, a roll on the homeworkopoly board will be awarded. 
    • One roll per assignment.
    • One roll for a complete Spelling Tic Tac Toe. 
    • A roll will NOT be awarded when a free homework pass is used for a homework assignment; however, the assignment will not count against the student.