Spelling page

    The North Allegheny School District uses the spelling series which accompanies the Harcourt Storytown reading series. The weekly word list is below.   Each list contains 2 “review” words and 2  “sight” words.  Additionally, the District has provided “extension words” (beginning with week 7) to enrich lessons, extend learning and challenge our students. We encourage our students to learn the entire list.

    Lesson   1     am, at, cat, can, ran, man, map, tap, a, the
    Lesson   2 hat, had, sad, sat, bat, bag, at, can, help, now
    Lesson   3 in, pin, pig, big, dig, did, had, sat, no, too
    Lesson   4 pick, pack, tack, back, sack, sick, big, in, hold, so
    Lesson   5 top, hop, hot, not, dot, lot, back, pick, oh, yes
    Lesson   6 all, call fall, wall, ball, tall, not top, much, thank
    Lesson   7 set, sent, ten, tell, let, get all, call, make, of, tent, bell, next, rest, belts, when
    Lesson   8 then, them, this, that, path, with, ten, get, said, was, thank, think, math, they, three, gather
    Lesson   9           us, bus, must, but, cub, club, with, then, don't, says, jump, plum, duck, puppy, drum, such
    Lesson 10 long, song, sing, ring, bring, thing, us, must, does, food, spring, sting, anything, string, strong, wrong
    Lesson 11 or, for, form, more, store, sort, long, bring, your, head, before, horse, score, sports, forget, morning
    Lesson 12 shop, shot, shut, rush, wish, fish, for, more, from, very, short, splash, catfish, finished, shelf, wished
    Lesson 13 chip, chin, inch, such, catch, match, wish, shop, saw, were, chilly, watched, March, branch, crutch, bench
    Lesson 14 far, farm, arm, art, part, park, chin, such, fly, watch, smart, large, hardest, yarn, charmed, farmer
    Lesson  15     quit, quick, quiz, whiz, which, when, arm, part, house, put, quilt, where, queen, why, quack, whisper
    Lesson 16  her, fur, turn, bird, girl, first, quit, when, name, work, perched, dirty, skirts, hurt, third, mercy
    Lesson 17    hand, handle, wig, wiggle, single, little, turn, girl, by, room, giggle, riddle,  pebble, uncle, sparkle, purple
    Lesson 18      low, slow, grow, road, soap, boat, handle, little, carry, would, pillow, rainbow,                        below, know, moaned, coach
    Lesson 19      me, see, feet, seat, mean, team, slow, road, our, over, maybe, green, treat,  each, dream, beach
    Lesson 20      day, say, play, plain, rain, wait, feet, me, door, told, holiday, birthday, Thursday, paint, grain, Sunday
    Lesson 21      came, game, gate, late, lake, take, day, play, four, place, skated, brave, milkshake, states, baseball, mistake
    Lesson 22      like, line, nine, mine, mile, while, take, came, gone, near, prize, smiles,  sunshine, hiked, driver, meanwhile
    Lesson 23      home, hope, rope,rode, rose, those, like, nine, right, walk, dozed, drove, broken, globe, roses, jokes
    Lesson 24      ice, nice, race, page, edge, large, home, those, love, hello, forced, circle, bridge, pencil, danced, magic
    Lesson 25      use, cute, cube, tube, tune, rule, nice, large, hear, talk, used, huge, excuse,                        confused, ice cube, costumes  
    Lesson 26      my, try, tried, ties, light, might, use, rule, color, hair, butterfly, July, myself,                        midnight, cried, high  
    Lesson 27      how, cow, down, out, found, round, try, light, earth, table, crowded, flowers, frowning, around, shouted, housefly  
    Lesson 28      funny, happy, story, stories, hurry, hurried, how, out, baby, done, every,  empty, family, flurries, windy,   cookies  
    Lesson 29      boot, tooth, soon, noon, new, grew, story, hurry, great, took, balloon, loose,                          afternoon, kangaroo, droopy, chewing  
    Lesson 30      find, mind, mild, cold, fold, most, soon, new, boy, building, opened, behind,  child, nobody, tiger, banjo